Heated Bidets - Features and Benefits

Heated Bidets are Becoming Increasingly Popular in U.S. Homes

The heated bidet (pronounced bih-day) is rapidly gaining popularity in Northern America. Initially regarded by "bathroom-shy" Americans as a topic of taboo, heated bidet use is now gaining acceptance as consumers in the U.S. educate themselves to discover the practical - and very significant - advantages of these multi-functional toilet accessories. Bidet sales among new homeowners have increased dramatically over the past year, and indications are that bidets (with heated toilet seats) will only become more prevalent in Northern America in the near future. The heated bidets offer a range of impressive, technologically-advanced functions and are constructed from top-grade materials, further enhancing their appeal among homeowners who are looking to upgrade their homes as well as their lifestyle.

In addition to the added comfort and convenience, premium heated bidets also provide functions that promote a variety of invaluable health benefits. According to healthcare professionals at Columbia University, bidet use offers a much more hygienic solution than traditional wipes and toilet paper. Bidets utilize natural water to provide thorough, comfortable cleaning for users. This eliminates the potential of irritation and rashes that can be caused by toilet tissue and other common hygiene products.

Electronic bidet toilet systems are especially beneficial for the elderly, pregnant women and people who suffer from various bowel disorders or related maladies. The easy-to-use features of bidets with heated toilet seat allow those with mobility problems to be less dependent on others, granting them the freedom - and pride - of being self-reliant.

Heated bidets promote a higher standard of living and enhanced personal hygiene through a number of impressive, high-tech features; some of which are shown below:  

Self cleaning bidet nozzle Retractable, self-cleaning nozzle Luminous LED for nighttime toilet use Luminous LED for nighttime use Self closing toilet seat and cover Self-closing seat and cover
Safe, comfortably heated toilet seat Safe, heated toilet seat Multi-functional bidet nozzle Multi-function, 5-position nozzle Toilet seat features dual heat sensors Dual toilet seat heat sensors