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Bidet Use Promotes Health and an Improved Lifestyle

A healthy style of living is important for all of us, and often times simple changes like installing a bidet and altering our daily habits will result in significant long term health benefits. If you or someone you know is elderly, or suffers from mobility problems, healthy living plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of one's life and can slow, or even prevent the onset of additional maladies.  

Good personal hygiene directly impacts our health, and a bidet with heated toilet seat can be a great gift, particularly for elderly loved ones. Following the tips below can make the difference between a future dependent on assisted care or a continued lifestyle of independence.

Bathing – Use a shower stall instead of a bathtub, since they are generally much easier to enter and exit. Have handrails professionally installed around the bathing area. This will prevent a mishap such as accidental grabbing of an unsecured towel bar to prevent falling, which can result in serious injury. Also, install traction mats in the bathing area and as well as on the tile and flooring surrounding the shower.

Brondell Swash 700 Bidet with Heated Toilet Seat and Remote Control Panel Toilet Trips – Regular trips to the bathroom (such as every two hours) will help prevent embarrassing accidents, especially for those who suffer from urinary or bladder problems. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks at any time and do not drink fluids two hours before bedtime.

Install commode frames for easier sit down and get up from the toilet. These are usually covered by Medicare.

Installing a bidet not only benefits the elderly and those with physical ailments, but the entire family. Bidet use adds a higher level of cleanliness than tissue paper and is much easier to use for persons with mobility problems. Many brands of tissue paper also contain chemicals and can irritate sensitive skin. A heated bidet toilet seat can be easily installed onto an existing toilet to provide convenient and thorough posterior and feminine cleansing. Many bidets also come with a warm-air dryer and a help button, that when activated by the user, will sound a buzzer to alert outside assistance.

Click here for typical bidet installation instructions.

Grooming – To reduce the chance of falling and to conserve your energy, sit down to brush your teeth, shave, or dry your hair. Use an electric razor, an electric toothbrush and a hands-free hairdryer that can be mounted on a vanity.

Many of these tips are dependent on you or your family member’s ease of mobility and are simply recommended safety precautions. If you are considering an assisted living facility, make sure the facility provides the amenities listed above to ensure proper care and longevity. If you are suffering from a disease like Parkinson, ask your doctor for more information on improving your quality of living.