HB-660 Premium Heated Bidet

HB-660 Luxury Bidet with Heated Toilet Seat

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Heated Bidet (HB)-660 Product Specifications

Features and Benefits of the HB-660 Luxury Heated Bidet
  Feature Benefit

Resin coated Bidet Nozzle

Metal bidet nozzle is coated with anti-microbial resin

Promotes optimum hygienic condition by protecting the bidet nozzle from various types of contamination. 

Oscillating Bidet Nozzle

Oscillating wash 

Oscillating nozzle movement ensures thorough cleansing. 

Adjustable Bidet Nozzle

Five-position adjustable bidet nozzle 

Designed to accommodate personal preferences of all users. 

Self Cleaning Bidet Nozzle

 Self-cleaning nozzle

Maintains optimum hygienic condition by thoroughly rinsing the bidet nozzle before and after each use. (Periodic manual cleaning of the nozzle is still recommended.) 

Retractable Bidet Nozzle

Retractable nozzle 

Nozzle remains safe while not in use and extends for easy manual cleaning.  

Heated Toilet Seat

Heated toilet seat 

Comfort and convenience. Ahhh, need we say more? 

Adjustable Temperature Warm-air Dryer

Warm air dryer with adjustable heat levels 

Provides comfortable, sanitary drying with four adjustable temperature levels. 

Adjustable Water and Toilet Seat Temperature

Water and seat temperature adjustment

Adjusts to four different temperature levels for optimum comfort and convenience. 

Adjustable Water Pressure for Bidet Nozzle

Water pressure adjustment 

Adjusts water to five different pressure levels to accommodate the preferences of individual users.

Electric Bidet Power Savings Mode

Three-way power saving mode 

Reduces the standby electricity by SMPS; utilizes auto power-saving mode when not used; Super power saving mode when expected not to be used for long periods of time. 

Automatic Luminous LED for Toilet Bowl

Luminous LED 

Luminous LED turns on and off automatically, providing a soft, blue hue for convenient nighttime use. 

Soft Closing Toilet Seat and Cover

Soft closing toilet seat and cover

Opening and closing of the seat and cover is quiet and gentle.

Heated Toilet Seat Safety Feature

Burn protection system at the low temperature 

Toilet seat heater shuts off to protect against burning when occupying the seat for over 30 minutes.

Dual Heating Sensors for Toilet Seat

Dual seat heating sensors

Improves heating efficiency 

Warm-air Dryer

Auto clean 

Operates warm air dryer from cleansing with the push of one button.

Bidet Help Feature

Help feature 

Ideal for the elderly and physically impaired, a buzzer can be activated to call for outside help. 

Detachable Toilet Seat Cover for Easy Cleaning

One touch detachable cover 

Easily detachable makes cleaning the bidet simple and quick.