Customer Testimonials

Exceeds Expectations

"I purchased the HB-560 automatic heated bidet and was impressed by the intuitiveness of the buttons and how well each of the functions work. I would recommend this product to anyone. The bidet has become one of the most popular amenities to my home. Many of my neighbors are now buying this same model!

In regards to price and quality, the value of the 560 heated bidet was far superior to other brands I considered. Delivery was very fast and the overall product quality exceeded my expectations. Even the accessory parts were very well made. Installation was completed in under 15 minutes."

    David  -  WA

Money Well Spent 

"The bidet is much more practical and easier to use than I imagined. I love the heated toilet seat! Certainly worth the cost - and then some."

    Jordan  -  CA 

Bidets in Nursing Homes

"As a full-time nurse, I'm thrilled to see the increased use of bidets in healthcare facilities around the country. Because of the ease of use and added health benefits, bidets have come to play a vital role in the improved care of our clients. I couldn't imagine operating the facility without them." 

    Jody -  UT

Luxury at the Office

"We were able to get one of these toilet seats in our office and I was skeptical at first. I have to say that the heated seat is by far my favorite feature, and if that was all it did I would still buy one. The reasons for buying it went above just the heated seat though. It is comfortable, clean, sleek and modern; and it provides amenities that make you feel like you are finally enjoying the luxury you deserve."

    Mary  -  NY

Not Just for Women

“When I originally saw the heated bidet from Warmzone, I thought this was something for girls; nothing a man would use. However, after trying one, I had to get one. I love the warm seat and the cleanliness that is ensured by using the bidet. I would definitely recommend Warmzone and the heated bidet to anyone - especially you men."

    Alan  -  CO

Never Going Back

"When my husband first purchased the 570 heated bidet, I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of him spending the money for this bathroom accessory. Turns out, it was one of the best purchases he's ever made. The heated bidet is fantastic! I don't know why we didn't get one sooner. I'll never go back to having a conventional toilet again."

    Tiffany  -  UT